Vintage 'Crush/Hires' Bottle Crates

£44.95 - On Sale

This Crate is from the Squirt Vernors Inc. of Buffalo NY who had Crush Soft Drinks and Hires Root Beer. On one side of the crate the name 'Crush' appears and on the other you'll find the name 'Hires'.
Again the crates were made in a number of different depots across the states. Beautiful metal trims, original markings and bottling company stamps. They are becoming rare and extremely sought after.
Remember our crates are genuine vintage crates and have had a long and busy working life, so again, do expect to see some signs of wear and tear.
They do come from varying areas in the states so the writing may vary according to where the local depot sourced its crate.
Please note, only one crate is included in the indicated price.
Dimensions: L46 x W31 x H14cm. some slight variations.
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